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Through the ages, through the years,
I wonder what these shoulders could bear.
A lifetime of love followed by another of woe
You become a needle to stitch and sew
The Fate's threads are never ending,
Your eyes keep depending
On your ability to foresee
You always know what will be.
Your words and rhymes prophesize,
The same days and years you have come to despise.
Until you realise. It is different this time.
There is you
and there is
And we are what will always be.
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The Blossom Tree and The Building by SunnyStereoSound The Blossom Tree and The Building :iconsunnystereosound:SunnyStereoSound 1 1 The Forgotten Fisherman's  Hut by SunnyStereoSound The Forgotten Fisherman's Hut :iconsunnystereosound:SunnyStereoSound 3 0 The Harbour by SunnyStereoSound The Harbour :iconsunnystereosound:SunnyStereoSound 2 1
Old clothes slide on the skin like mausoleum night shifts
Those ghosts of the party, the beach and the cried out nights
Lift the soul to the floor.
The stitching is too tight and my legs are itching to be free
They drape the flesh like blinds that were alright for old me      
But now
I have grown.
My style is the same but more defined like
Biro ink on lined paper
The yellow lemon drop retro skirt of the fifties but I made it 00’s
The cars zoom all over it, still to be worn
With the baggy Shelley shirt.
My gig dress catching dust, as a memory of
first musical occasion
Too classy too feminine to be emo
But that was it
Team Jacob and the Technosaurus all with the skinny jeans
In rockin’ black. Always Black or Bright
The summer florals to be worn at 30 swished below the knee
Still with opaque leggings
They stick to skin,
All of them now.
They’re not me. They’re old me.
Not Bobbly and threadbare but…
Too much room,
Enough for ghosts and memorie
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On my minds eye's edge...
On my minds eye’s edge I waver,
And watch those watery depths that did acclaim your soul.
Did they wind around you?  
The same way they taunt the shore?
A prisoner of the oceans rush, but I knew it was always more.
No, I knew you; it could not be so simple, a death known by so few
But I will make sure you still achieve your goal,
By hand and heart I will continue this labour.
Of Love, I know yours for me was settling into a cosy armchair
To read and grow old while you gazed at another so bold.
Although my pulse never faltered;
Except in envy.
From the earliest memory,
From home to here, the depths of emotion never altered.
Now I am alone.
How are the children to be told?
At the waves I can only but glare,
They are your murderer’s excuse,
A bullet through the mouth of truths as they all whisper,
You were never to be found, no body, no part in human history;
Dead in the water and drowned.
But your words will always be around
And your living deeds clear from mystery.
No m
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Anti - Autumn
Alarm on a September eve
As a diseased swarm it,
Descends,                    whipping sickly veins,
That taunt the twilight a deathly black.
The chill gnaws on unaware leaves;
Their rotting carcasses still
                                                             The Earth,
Raining destruction as you walk through the snarling wind.
Cold embrace forbids passage
But with old armour woven you head forth
:iconsunnystereosound:SunnyStereoSound 3 2
The Warning Bells
Warning bells; they ring. Louder.  Louder like a banshees dying lament. Shrieking.  Louder.  It had been foretold but I did not believe it. How could it be possible?  Run to the window. People are panicking, scarpering like a blind gaggle of geese through my tiny cobbled street. I need to run. I need quiet. I want the light chatter of a market day to return, although it will not. I need safety. I need to run. Where will mother and father be? Fathers forge? The market? My newlywed sister's home? Will they come back for me? Should I find them?
The gap between the bells shortens. The melodies of angels overcome by a devilish din of death that stabs at my mind. I clasp my head in my hand, must not panic, must not panic. Can't stay still, need to get to safety and find my family. But where is safe? Nowhere is safe! Cloth on table is ideal for carrying objects. Food, mother's jewellery, my book, a knife just in case swiftly bundled.
Chaos reigns. People flood down the str
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Yellow Flower Fairy by WhimsicalMoon Yellow Flower Fairy :iconwhimsicalmoon:WhimsicalMoon 27 10 Rouen by takmaj Rouen :icontakmaj:takmaj 4,816 645 computerhead by DavidSchermann computerhead :icondavidschermann:DavidSchermann 1,600 295
I emerge
From the treachery of misty hours
Dissolved by sunlight
I writhe, both brittle and tired
And plagued with awareness
Gradually, I shrug off these hefty burdens
And rush for the cradled panorama
Easing myself into warm forgetfulness
A slow drain of my waking senses
“Converge on daylight! “
My instincts all beckon in unison
Gravitating toward blissful hideaway
Numbness, covets this shell of my being
As ceilings crumble
Faltering, into buckets of jagged shards
I grow as a lone silhouette
The king of all horizons
Upright, but truly all alone
The mists, have chased away my closest adversaries
Leaving only
One half of me to contain
:iconloftydreams101:Loftydreams101 10 5
You'll Be Safe Here by dryponder You'll Be Safe Here :icondryponder:dryponder 7,163 2,302 Disney University - Pocahontas by Hyung86 Disney University - Pocahontas :iconhyung86:Hyung86 8,690 321 Mitochondria by Inspirationalmoments Mitochondria :iconinspirationalmoments:Inspirationalmoments 1 0
My Immortal Friend
Where are you,
my sweetest friend?
When did our friendship
come to an end?
I don't remember much,
but I know you're there.
I can feel your presence,
heavy in the air.
My immortal soul,
you should be gone.
Your heart stopped beating.
Your time is done.
And yet you stay,
unseen but not unknown.
Do you still recognize me?
I know I've grown.
Were you always here,
or did you just come back?
Why can't I see you?
Is there something I lack?
He sees you though.
I know it's true.
His innocent eyes
always pointed towards you.
Are you his friend now?
What happened to me?
Did we have a fight?
Just let me see.
I don't understand.
What went wrong?
Were you tired of talking?
Tired of the song?
Or did you do something
to hurt or to scare?
No, I don't think...
no, you wouldn't dare.
So, please come back.
My immortal friend,
or please be happy,
find your end.
:iconlostmyslef:lostmyslef 45 27
Trojan Horse
He was a Prince . Seeking his goals and Living all of his dreams .
Locking his heart in a tower he made by what he believes .
Not cause of fear . But cause of what he wanted to achieve .
One day he awoken to a sound knocking on his door .
He opened the gates to this amazingly beautiful girl .
He lets her in . Inside his castle , his mind and his soul .
He was a man of philosophy and thoughts . But she was a puzzle that he couldn't solve .
Is she a test or a gift ? He asked himself . Is she the Trojan horse ?
He decided to leave his  kingdom and the golden throne .
And gave her his life and everything he used to own .
It was a dangerous choice to make . But he didn't care about it at all .
As he knew that his heart can never stay locked in a prison of possibilities no more .
Cause all of his power cannot face the power of Love , the greatest force the human's have known .
Its free now .........
:iconmemoangel33:memoangel33 5 5
The Religous Debate by Didj The Religous Debate :icondidj:Didj 996 360 Loki's punishment by Tenshi-no-Hikari Loki's punishment :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 8,768 706
Bedroom Songs
The nicotine stained fingertips
Push and guide their bent notes
To the living room
That's where they explode
And unfold, delicate origami shapes
Inside the kitchen
Where angst disassembled to show
The softest abstract painting
And penetrated cold fists
From several speakers
Holding wrath and hatred
Came opus' of a bird watcher
The Sacred cooling and reheating
Of burnt out light bulbs
And sins of lust
Where we could burn empires
or join the fall
All for the experience
:iconempty-headed-north:Empty-headed-north 5 0
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Through the ages, through the years,
I wonder what these shoulders could bear.
A lifetime of love followed by another of woe
You become a needle to stitch and sew

The Fate's threads are never ending,
Your eyes keep depending
On your ability to foresee
You always know what will be.

Your words and rhymes prophesize,
The same days and years you have come to despise.
Until you realise. It is different this time.

There is you
and there is

And we are what will always be.



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